“I am a Piper” Hamline University Commencement 2016

Hamline University 2016 Commencement was May 21st and it was a glorious sunny day. Each student’s face showed excitement and pride to make it to this auspicious time in their lives. You could see it in their eyes. You could feel it when they smiled.  The years of hard work and dedication have brought them to this moment.  I captured hundreds of images that day to provide to HU.  These are my favorites.  Close up and personal.  Each graduate with a bright future ahead will say with heartfelt conviction forever “I am a Piper”.Hamline_2016_Piper_01Hamline_2016_Piper_02Hamline_2016_Piper_03Hamline_2016_Piper_04Hamline_2016_Piper_05Hamline_2016_Piper_06Hamline_2016_Piper_07Hamline_2016_Piper_08Hamline_2016_Piper_09Hamline_2016_Piper_10Hamline_2016_Piper_11Hamline_2016_Piper_12Hamline_2016_Piper_13Hamline_2016_Piper_14Hamline_2016_Piper_15Hamline_2016_Piper_16Hamline_2016_Piper_17Hamline_2016_Piper_18Hamline_2016_Piper_19Hamline_2016_Piper_20Hamline_2016_Piper_21Hamline_2016_Piper_22Hamline_2016_Piper_23Hamline_2016_Piper_24Hamline_2016_Piper_25Hamline_2016_Piper_26Hamline_2016_Piper_27Hamline_2016_Piper_28Hamline_2016_Piper_29Hamline_2016_Piper_30

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1 Response to “I am a Piper” Hamline University Commencement 2016

  1. Kathleen Bell says:

    Very nice work Mike, the photos are beautiful and I love all the expressions that you captured. They were lucky to have you photograph the event. Sorry to have missed the graduation. Kathy


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