Jolly Roger Pier 2014

Even on a cloudy day, fishing on the Jolly Roger Pier is a compelling attraction for the locals and vacationers alike.  This mold and barnacle encrusted 850 foot wooden structure of local history, is the main access for thousands of anglers every year.  From Sea Mullet and Spanish Mackerel to drum and flounder, you are sure to catch something from this jetty on the Atlantic.  I was able to pay my spectator fee of one dollar to walk on instead of the daily fishing ticket price of $14. An affordable option when you consider the time and expense of a boat.  The best part of my stroll on this sun bleached pier, was experiencing the shared but unspoken friendship of all with a line or two in the water.  Tips on what’s “hitting today” and lure advice is given out freely along with small catches that nobody wants but can be instantly used for bait by others.  It was not crowded the days I visited, but the quiet solitude of the anglers surprised me.  I do fish on occasion, but these fishermen seemed so at peace as they stared into the blue water.  It was calming just to observe there task of enjoyment and patience. Whenever I return to Topsail Beach in North Carolina, I will not miss the opportunity to visit the Jolly Roger Pier.  I hear sunrise is spectacular.

NC Fishing_1

NC Fishing_4

NC Fishing_2

NC Fishing_3

NC Fishing_6

NC Fishing_5

NC Fishing_8

NC Fishing_10

NC Fishing

NC Fishing_11

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  1. eduardolibby says:

    Nice portraits! People seem very relaxed .

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