Cub Foods / Location Photography

Just a bit of a break from posting this summer. With only 90 days of warm weather, I like to get out and run through the sprinklers and soak up the sunshine as much as possible.

It wasn’t all time off in shorts and flip flops. I enjoyed working with a new agency client this summer on a Cub Foods shoot.  We were working with real Cub Foods staff members from stores around the Twin Cities. They were unaccustomed to being in front of the camera and Kevin the butcher was concerned that he was ruining all the shots with his forced smile. I brought him over to the computer to show him some starting shots. I assured him that he looked great, he relaxed, hoisted the heavy tray of meats and we were able to get the shot we needed. I love working with real people in different situations.

The shoot was in the middle of the Cub store with customers busily shopping around our set-up.  I brought my orange safety cones and plenty of sand bags to secure the equipment.  Another successful location shoot with great smiles all around.

Cub Shoot 2013 A Cub Shoot 2013 B

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