Cocktails and Cabaret

While working with VocalEssence to promote their fall programs,  I photographed a group portrait and placed the image on a stage which I created from four separate photos in Photoshop.

The hard part was keeping this jovial crew of talented actors and singers from laughing as the jokes and stories flew. On the left is Bradley Greenwald, top center is Dieter Bierbrauer, right is Greta Oglesby and on accordion, Simone Perrin.

Cocktails and Cabaret is a special event November 18, 2013 with proceeds benefiting VocalEssence education programs, which brings music and cultural workshops to thousands of school children each year throughout the Twin Cities.

VE Cabaret / Photo Credit Required / Photo by: Mike Krivit

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  1. foto says:

    that is very cool!

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