Vikings vs Cardinals / Win 21-14

In October I enjoyed shooting a Vikings game for the City of Minneapolis. It was a blast being down on the field to photograph the team in action and the fans in the stands. Prior to the game, I spent a few hours wondering through the tailgating areas.  Those parking lots are packed with barbecues, family games and a little bit of drinking. It was a great experience to capture the day up close and personal. Even more fun when they win.        Go Vikes!!

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3 Responses to Vikings vs Cardinals / Win 21-14

  1. David Radtke says:

    Hi Mike, Nice Photos of the game! Very well done. I love the smoke on the tailgate party and the game action shots. Later, David

  2. Dan Meyers says:

    Nice shots, Mike! Sounds like a blast to be so close to the action and you captured it so well.

  3. Bill Faber says:

    Very nice photography Mike. Nice job on the action shots and I particularly like the moment captured of the little girl. But I don’t understand the preoccupation on this particular subject matter… kind of… irrelevant ! 😉

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