Treasures or Stuff? #2

The box in the basement was labeled “Uncle Leo’s Paint Brushes”.  Our Great Uncle Leo’s house was full of groups of things, like 100+ yard sticks bundled together,  boxes of promotional match books he collected over the years, multiple spools of string, bundles of grocery bags and stacks of scrap lumber of the highest quality.  He was a collector, a rummager, perhaps a bit eccentric, but I give him credit for being organized and tidy.

Back to the paint brushes. These are but a sampling from the box.  All of them have been cared for, cleaned, no paint residue stuck at the base of the bristles or on the ferrule.  Some old, some new.

Now the question, Treasure or just Stuff?

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1 Response to Treasures or Stuff? #2

  1. Robin says:

    Definitely a treasure! I have many special items from family members as mementos. I missed out on Uncle Leo and Aunt Vickie. Do have a box full of ribbons and trims from Grandma Aggie! I hope to sew dresses for grandchildren some day using those ribbons!

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