Seeds and Weeds

Farm Industry News is keeping me in the thick of new topics, triumphs and troubles for Americas farmers.  The amazing technology in seed science handles the EPA mandated refuge guidelines.     Refuge In A Bag

The problems in the field are also a challenge with herbicide resistant varieties of weeds. I photographed these weeds in Iowa this summer.  Tackling Weed Resistance 

“Weeds are the ultimate foe for corn and soybean growers. They easily adapt to new herbicides, changes in cultivation and diverse weather. Growers need a solid playbook to help them fight their adept foes well into the future.” Mark Moore

FIN is sending me back to Iowa next week for the fall harvest.  It is humbling to see the amazing work these farmers do with giant machines and their close relationship with their land.



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  1. Vic Ziolkowski says:

    Very fresh! Nice Mike!

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