Poet Lawyer Tim Nolan

I have been working for William Mitchell College of Law for many years now.  Pam B. gave me the assignment to shoot a portrait of a WM Alumni.  When she told me it was Tim Nolan, I responded; “I know Tim Nolan”!  He is a long ago aquaintence through our mutual friend Dan T.  It was a special way to reconnect and a pleasure to photograph his portrait.
Since the article was about Tim being a poet and lawyer, I decided to shoot him in two locations, his favorite cafe and his office downtown.  With that concept in mind, I was pleased to see the photo published as a double image as planned.
Later that month, we were invited to his poetry reading at the Kenwood Cafe, where I shot the first half of the portrait.   I now have a signed book of Tim’s poetry “The Sound Of It” on my coffee table and enjoy reading his poems with my morning cup of joe.  Photography has so many surprises that refresh the mind and soul.                William Mitchell On Law Article  Mitchell On LawSpring 2011
Check out Tim Nolan’s BLOG at The Poetry Of Tim Nolan. Tim has been a contributor to Garrison Keillor’s The Writers Almanac since 2004.  I have added a link to a recent poem of Tim’s called  “Long Winter”, which will air this Friday April 1st.  Of course, it is always special to hear Garrison read the poem, so go ahead and click the link and  Listen.

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  1. Nice body of work Mike! Interesting mix of subjects!

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