Guitars For Vets 2010

Last summer I was invited by my friend and woodworking client George Vondriska to assist with the Guitars For Vets program.  George volunteered his expertise and gathered a group  to build guitars for two days in his workshop. He is director and owner of the Wild Earth Woodworking School in Hudson Wisconsin, along with being Managing Editor of The Woodworkers Guild of America.  He is also a contributor to The Woodworker’s Journal Magazine.              YouTube – GuitarsForVets.m4v ………… The Wild Earth School ……………..Woodworkers Guild of America
“Guitars For Vets, Inc. is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of ailing and injured military Veterans by providing them with guitars and music instruction. Through self-expression and the healing power of music, it is our intent to restore the feelings of joy and purpose that can be lost after suffering trauma”.         Please Visit

The Woodworker’s Journal magazine recently ran an article about the Guitars For Vets program.  Capturing the photos of the event was my contribution.   I was able to get a very nice group portrait and emailed all the volunteers photos from the day.  I look forward to helping with the build again in 2011. Listening to the twenty guitars play all at once was a treat for the ears and eyes.

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1 Response to Guitars For Vets 2010

  1. Mike

    Thanks so much for participating in Build A Vet A Guitar/2010. The spirit of volunteerism, including yours, was amazing. I really enjoyed the build. I’m looking forward to setting up another one for 2011. Stay tuned….

    The guitars we built are being handed out to vets, which is our real reward.


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