Farm Industry News – Jan 2011 Cover

All of these snow festival experiences I’ve been shooting and sharing have brought me into a continuous world of winter white. My recently published cover photo is a reminder of the opposite world, with it’s green glow.  I have been working in macro photography for many years.  I knew that this focused, miniature view of the plants would be perfect for the assignment.
With the help of the UofM greenhouses I was able to capture some soy bean plants in November.  The moisture and smells of the soil in the room was enchanting.  I walked in from winter to summer, in the time it took to remove my jacket.
Like the song says, “It’s A Small World After All”.   I was lucky to have my very first “Small World” ride at the 1964 New York Worlds Fair debut.
Something always surprises me at this magnification.   I was shooting a variety of  buds, when I’m all set to snap and a Western Flower Thrip insect jumps in to the photo and I get one shot before he dives into his hole. He must have been waiting for the right light to catch his good side.  Following are a few photos from the shoot along with the final cover. Enjoy this short green adventure and keep your hands inside the ride at all times.
Mike Krivit © 2011 Penton Media



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