Winter Carnival – Vulcans Meet King Boreas Rex

The 2011 Saint Paul Winter Carnival started this weekend with the official Vulcans arrival to meet King Boreas Rex. When the Saint Paul Winter Carnival was born in 1886, so did the legend and spirit of the Vulcans with the very first Fire King.    The kick-off was at the State Fair bandshell today with a lot of  wintery speeches and introductions of the Vulcan Krewe.  It was 26 degrees and you didn’t even need gloves.  Hail Vulcans!!
Hail the frozen tundra!!

From The Legend Of The Winter Carnival                                                                                  Winter Carnival: The Legend History

As the “King of the Winds,” Boreas assigned to each of his brothers a permanent grant of great force and power. To Titan was assigned the blustery North Wind. To Euros was granted control of the irresponsible East Wind. To Zephyrus was given custody of the bountiful West Wind. To Notos was presented the balmy but unstable South Wind. The brothers cavorted gaily over land and sea. Boreas, while on his extensive travels, came upon a winter paradise known as Minnesota. He paused to behold the enchanting beauty of a magnificent group of seven gently sloping hills in whose embrace nestled a beautiful city. Boreas whistled in sheer ecstasy, “Historic Saint Paul and her seven hills! An ideal place. I will make Saint Paul the capitol of all my domains. It will henceforth be emblazoned to the world as the winter playground of the Realm of Boreas.”
Meanwhile, Vulcanus Rex, the god of Fire, and the implacable enemy of Boreas, crackled in defiant disdain. “By the great sword of Mars I will temper the blusterings of Boreas with the heat and roar of my forces.” He was tireless in his bitter resistance to all the festivities of Boreas. Undaunted, Boreas proclaimed a celebration in the spirit of gay Carnival. “So be it!” shouted Boreas, “There will be a Carnival in old Saint Paul!”


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  1. Dan Krivit says:

    Cool blog. Talk to me live…!

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