Will Steger Visits The Ronald McDonald House School

Will Steger visited the children at the Ronald McDonald House school on Monday.  He gave a great presentation and the kids were excited to see and hear about the explorations he has been on.  The photos of the sled dogs were a big hit.  He showed a video of his last journey and the students were on the edge of their seats with the rescue of a dog after it fell into an icy crevasse.  Will spoke to the class about his struggle to bring environmental awareness to the world.   He called the Ronald McDonald House their “Base Camp” for the challenges the children and their families are facing.
The school works with the families to provide education for children in grades K-12 while they or their siblings are in the Twin Cities for medical treatment.  The teachers coordinate classes with their home schools to match programs and curriculum.
I have been a volunteer photographer for the RMH for the last two years.  My parents were one of the original founders when the House was first established in 1979.  My mom was a PNP at Freemont Community Clinic and my dad was a pediatric doctor in hematology and oncology at the UofM.  My family has been involved with RMH for a long time and I am pleased to continue the legacy.
I have attached a link to a MSP Magazine insert I enjoyed photographing for RMH last summer.   MSP Family For more information, visit the RMHUM web site.    RMH-UM

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1 Response to Will Steger Visits The Ronald McDonald House School

  1. Illyana Fox says:

    What an amazing story! Thank goodness for people like him and you.

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