Winter Carnival

Unbelievably cold outside today.  It makes for a very long winter.   Most Minnesotans are a very hardy bunch, although I’m usually not included on that list.  Last year Sue and I did head over to the Winter Carnival Torchlight parade – we hadn’t been in a decade or more. It was around 10 degrees when we got there, and then we remembered why it had been so long since our last visit.  The wind around 20 miles per hour, made 5th Street a swirling tunnel of additional wind chill. We were pleasantly surprised to see so many happy faces in such crazy conditions.  Smiles everywhere. We plan on attending again this year to see more of the frozen festivities.  As advertised, it was the “Coolest Celebration on Earth.” Here’s a link to the  Winter Carnival.

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1 Response to Winter Carnival

  1. Illyana Fox says:

    I love these photos! As always you are the best photographer ever!!

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